Why do I need to create an account?

In order to compete in any of our tournaments you are required to create an account. You can do so by clicking here.

I haven't received an activation email, what do I do?

Activation emails can take up to fifteen minutes to appear in your inbox. If you still haven't received one after this time, please check your spam folder as your email settings may be set to exclusive. If your spam folder is empty, please Contact Us.


How do I create a team?

You can create a team by clicking here.

How do I invite players to my team?

As part of the team creation process you'll be given the opportunity to invite members to your team. You can also update your team members at any time by clicking on your avatar in the top right, selecting which team you wish to manage and then clicking on the 'Members' tab.

Do all players in my team need an account?

All members of a team that wish to compete in a tournament are required to Sign Up.

How do I accept a team invite?

To accept a team invitation users can either:

  • Click the link sent via email.

  • Click on the user menu in the top right, click on the team shown under 'My Teams' and then the 'Join Team' button.

How do I revoke a team invite?

You can revoke a team invite by clicking on the X shown on the top right of the invited user's avatar under the 'Members' tab.

How do I remove members from my team?

You can remove a team member by clicking on the X shown on the top right of the invited user's avatar under the 'Members' tab.


How do I see my team's match fixtures?

You can see all match fixtures for your team by opening up the team sidebar and selecting your team.

I have no pending match fixtures, why is this?

If there are no matches displayed under the 'Fixtures and Results' for your team, it means that you’ll need to wait for another match to be completed before your next match fixture will be displayed.

You can keep up to date with the tournament progress by selecting your chosen qualifier and then selecting the 'Brackets' tab.

How do I report the result of my team's match?

You can report the result of your team's match by clicking on the match fixture shown on the 'Fixtures and Results' page. Please note that only team Captains and Co-Captains are able to report the result of a match.

My opponent has reported the incorrect scores, what should I do?

If your opponent has reported the incorrect score for your match, please select the 'Dispute' button found under the match fixture page.

You will be given the option to provide further details before the match is placed into dispute. Please provide as much information as possible and include any evidence if you have any.